What’s better than running with friends? Running with friends, for less.

There’s nothing better than joining an event and then inviting all your mates to come and join you. Wouldn’t it be nice if you were rewarded for your enthusiasm? Recognised, even just a little bit, for your motivating everyone into action?

Well in 2017 you will be. We’re introducing a brand new referral system that recognises your hard work and treats you to a saving off your entry.

Here’s how it works.

Everyone who completes their registration online for the 7 Sunshine Coast Marathon on Sunday August 20, 2017 will receive a unique referral code.

You’re then encouraged to share the personal referral code with your friends, family or team mates.

The more people who enter using YOUR unique referral code the more you’ll save.

Better still is that not only do YOU save, but everyone who enters using your code, saves too.

The more people who use your link the more you save. People who register using your link will receive the same link increasing your chances and their chances to get as much as $35 back.

If 5-9 people use your code = save 10% off your entry

If 10-19 people use your code = save 12.5% off your entry

If 20-49 people use your code = save 15% off your entry

If 50-99 people use your code = save 20% off your entry

If 100+ people use your code = save 25% off your entry

For full instructions on how to claim your savings and make sure you’re referring people to your exclusive link click here.

For any Frequently Asked Questions such as what happens if you want to upgrade your entry, when you’ll receive your cashback or how to set up a team entry please see our FAQs page.

You’re also welcome to contact us via email or the contact page.