Q. Can I transfer my entry to someone else?

A. Yes. Transfers can only now be done at the Information tent at Registration.  You can transfer your entry at registration by bringing the current participant’s confirmation email, collecting their bib and then bringing it to late entries for transfer.  Please also bring the $10 transfer fee.

Q. Can I transfer my distance?

A. Yes. You can transfer your distance at registration by bringing your confirmation email, collecting your bib and then bringing it to late entries for transfer.  Please also bring the $10 transfer fee.

Q. Will there be pace runners?

A. Yes.  Marathon Paces: 3:00, 3:15, 3:30, 3:45, 4:00, 4:15, 4:30. Half Marathon Paces: 1:24, 1:30, 1:45, 2:00, 2:15

Q. Can I run with a pram?

A. Yes – you are welcome to run with a pram in any of the distances, however we please ask out of courtesy to other runners to please start at the back.

Q. Can I run with headphones?

A. Yes you are welcome to run with headphones, but please be mindful of volunteers, police and ambulance and other runners.

Q. When can I collect my bib and race pack?

A. Please find all registration information here.

Q. Do I need to enter if I am running with my child?

A. Yes all persons participating need to register.  If you are already entered in an alternative distance and would like to accompany your child you do not need to enter again.  Please collect an arm band from information.

Q. Can I walk my event?

A. Yes you are welcome to walk the 10km, 5km and 2km events, but please be mindful that roads will reopen at 12:00pm and all participants must be finished by then.   We encourage you to choose a distance you know you will be able to complete by 12:00pm.

Q. How do I enter a team?

A: Teams are a great addition to the 7 Sunshine Coast Marathon. It’s a great opportunity for family, friends or work colleagues to come together and work towards a common fitness goal. Team members don’t have to run the same distance. Please click here for instructions on how to register your team.

Q. Where can I put up my team tent?

A. Teams who want to put up their team tent along the run course are welcome to do so at no cost but we ask that teams contact info@atlasmultisports.com.au with their details and marquee size to reserve a spot.

Referral Rebate FAQ’s

Q: When will I receive my refund?

A: The credit card used when entering will receive the refund on 16th August 2018.  Please note it may take up to two weeks to process the refund.

Q: Can I still create/join a team

A: Yes you can still create and join teams, your referral link is sent in your confirmation.  If you are part of a team please check with your team captain that they do not already have a referral rebate link.

Q: What if I forget to use the link?

A: Refunds will only be applicable to those who used the referral rebate link when entering.  It is very important you click on the link to enter. Cashbacks will not be processed or offered retrospectively to competitors who forget to use a referral link or are sent one after they have entered.

Q: Will I receive a link when I enter?

A: Everyone who enters will automatically receive a referral link. If you have registered by accepting an invite or using a referral link you will receive the same link.  The  people you refer and invite will also receive the same link, which means the more likely it is that you (and everyone in your referral network) are to receive a higher discount. If you have not been referred, you will receive a unique link.

Q: What if I transfer distances?

A: If a participant is transferred to another distance, referral rebate will be applied based on registration fee of the new distance.

Q: What if I transfer my entry to another person?

A: If registration is transferred to someone else no referral rebate will be applied.

Q: What if I cancel my entry?

A: Rebates will not be given if refunds have already been applied.