10km in 10 weeks

NEW training guide online now

A lot can be achieved in 10 weeks, you can go from the comfort of your couch to a 10km runner. Today we launch our complimentary 10-week training guide for those runners whose goal is to complete the Westpac 10km event on August 19.

The guide, based on timed sessions, has been written specifically for this event by Atlas Multisports qualified coaches. This structured running guide is aimed at beginners, although the timed sessions can be utilised by experienced runners too with up to four sessions a week.

For extra guidance and support, set the alarm each Tuesday morning and come on down to the Alex Surf Club at Alexandra Headlands for a free coached session. There’s nothing quite like an early morning training session to set you up for the day. Run the beachfront, enjoy the sunrise and familiarise yourself with the course in the company of like-minded runners with added encouragement and support from the crew at Hot 91.1 FM.

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