Pace Runners

Ray White Pacer Runners will be there throughout the event in the marathon and half marathon distances to help you achieve your running goals.

If you have a set time in mind that you would like to achieve, then our Ray White Pace Runners will play a huge part in your race!

Our 2022 Pace Runners are:

Sunshine Coast Marathon

3hr – Avishek Singh & Chris Woulahan

3hr 15mins – Bin Lu & Carlos Robertson

3hr 30mins – Gerry Taylor & Peter Lewis

3hr 45mins – Armando Serafin

4hr – Darrell Giles & Wade Scougall

4hr 15mins – Matt Crawford & Ervin Chan

4hr 30mins – Mark Cartwright & Paul Wood

4hr 45mins – Samantha Bond & Shane Dicinoski

McDonald’s Half Marathon 

1hr 24mins – Ethan Pham & Geoff Waldock

1hr 30mins – Ian Cheong & Michael Holmes

1hr 40mins – Paul Hains & Ian McConnel

1hr 50mins – Hung Pham & Carly Barkle

2hr – Elisa Denyer & Andreas Huemer

2hr 10mins – Malcolm Wesener & Sally Matsubara

Ray White Pace Runners can be identified by high visibility yellow PACER singlets and they will have helium balloons attached to them with the pace time and distance clearly marked on it. Make sure the start zone that you enter when registering reflects your goal pace time and be sure to assemble at the start line with your pacer who will encourage you throughout the race.


We are no longer taking applications for 2022 pacer spots.