Each year runners step up to challenge themselves to run a little bit further, or maybe a little bit faster. 7 Sunshine Coast Marathon 2017 winner Clay Dawson was just like that in 2011 when he took up running to lose weight. Now the Brisbane teacher is stepping up with plans to complete five marathons between June and September including Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Here’s his advice for first time half and full marathon runners.

Trust your training, and the ability of a collective mass to carry you along. Unless you drastically underestimate your ability, you will be able to run a great deal faster (and more consistently) on race day! It’s amazingly difficult to hit goal splits by yourself in training … don’t let this persuade you that you won’t hit them on the day…you will!

We’ll be bringing you more encouragement and updates from Clay as we approach race day. In the meantime keep chipping away at the training. 🌞