Half Marathon Insider Tip

As host of the Australian Half Marathon Championships elite runners descend on the Sunshine Coast in August to test their speed and endurance over the 21.1km. The $25,000 incentive is on offer again for the first Australian male or female who can break the Australian record.

But what about everyone else? We know it’s fast (50 per cent of you set a new personal best in 2017) but how can you go faster and what can you expect from this course?

We asked the man who has run more kilometres than we’ve had post-run coffee stops, two-time Olympian and Breaking2 pace runner Collis Birmingham, for his tip on how to approach this course. Listen up, here’s his advice:

A lot can ride on how you handle the opening kilometres of any half marathon. What I liked most about the Sunshine Coast course last year was getting the climbs out of the way early in the race.

The early climb should mean you take a conservative approach in the opening kilometres, allowing you to ease into your goal pace for what’s going to be an enjoyable and fast closing 15km.

Check out the profile of the climb, Alex Hill, by clicking here. And don’t forget to take in the view from the top and the sunrise on your way down. We’ll be bringing you more essential tips from Collis in the coming weeks.