In late 2018 Michael Booth officially entered the 7 Sunshine Coast Marathon for the seventh time. Which will on August 4, 2019, put him amongst an elite collection of competitors to have done so. This will add to the 64-year-old’s long list of achievements; since he developed his passion for running in his home town of Launceston at the age of 48. Michael has completed a marathon on all seven continents, yet he holds the 7 Sunshine Coast Marathon in incredibly high regard. “I can say that 7 Sunshine Coast Marathon is equal to the best organised and scenic marathon I have competed in; (it is) a world class event,” said Booth.

Michael has completed 81 marathon runs in total and 55 official marathon races. This was inspired by going on a run with his eldest brother in 2002 and in his own words “I have not stopped running since”. Booth is a true family man, with his wife Christine, 4 children and 7 grandchildren making up just some of his support network. He was drawn to the 7 Sunshine Coast Marathon by his eldest son, Steven, who is based in Maroochydore and brought the inaugural event to his father’s attention. “Our son lives in Maroochydore, so staying with him, enjoying a Queensland holiday and running a marathon seems the perfect way to spend a few weeks.”

When asked what his advice was to competitors in the 7 Sunshine Coast Marathon Festival who will be running their first marathon, Michael advised them to keep it simple and stick to their routine and just go out and enjoy it.

Mr Booth has travelled far and wide in pursuit of his passion and is experienced in juggling the burdens of travel and race preparation, however Booth, who will be aiming to finish this year’s event in under four hours looks forward to tackling another 7 Sunshine Coast Marathon. He has outlined that a committed training regimen and daily running has never got in the way of his career as a recently retired accountant or his family life. “I run first thing each morning about 6am, as this is when marathons around the word usually start. It is important to replicate racing conditions in training. My running schedule does not impact my married life, as I have usually returned from the run before my wife is out of bed,” Booth explained.

Every runner has their story and Michael’s is one that demonstrates that regardless of your lifestyle, circumstances or age, it is never too late to start your runner journey. By emphasising balance and dedication to his craft Michael has demonstrated the qualities that make him a truly accomplished and unique marathoner who represents a vital part of the 7 Sunshine Coast Marathon. We look forward to sharing in his success come August 4, 2019 at the 7 Sunshine Coast Marathon Festival.