Ray White Pacers

Thank you to the following pacers for this year’s 7 Sunshine Coast Marathon.  Your assistance with helping the runners achieve their goals is greatly appreciated.

The pacers will be identified by their Ray White Yellow pacer’s shirts and a balloon.

Thank you also to Ray White for supporting our pacers in 2018.

Time Name
3:00 Shayne Steenson
3:15 Anderson Moquiuti
Peter Lewis
3:30 Matt Archer
Neil Wood
3:45 Armando Avanti
Bruce Thiele
4:00 Wade Scougall
Dave Ogg
4:15 Stacey Morton
4:30 Maurice Gregory
Sara Jacques
Half Marathon
1:24 Anthony Fuster
Daniel James
1:30 Nathan Fitzakerley
Michael Holmes
1:45 Ian McConnel
Dallas Foster
Marc Barallon
2:00 Paul Dack
Kate Jackson
2:15 Kiarne Pham
Geoff Van Wachem
David Saville