Special Needs Drinks

  • Special/personal drinks are for the marathon event only
  • Drinks must be in sealed, leak proof containers, no taller than 21cm and clearly marked with your name/race number and the relevant aid station where it is to be placed at
  • Special needs can be placed at the 6.7km, 10.3km, 14.4km, 19.5km, 22.1km, 25.7km, 30.1km, 32.7km, 36.4km, 39km and 40.5km aid stations
  • Special Drinks are to be left in the designated aid station tub at registration by no later than 2pm Saturday August 13. 
  • It is your responsibility to find your own special needs bottle at each designated aid station
  • Dispose of bottles in waste bins – please do not litter the course
  • Unclaimed drinks will be disposed of