Super Early Bird Entries for 2018 opening soon

Can’t wait for the next 7 Sunshine Coast Marathon? Neither can we, which is why we’re opening the Super Early Bird Entries on December 1. Opening entries this early in the year has several benefits:

  1. Some runners like to leave things to the last minute and enter races in person 24 hours before the gun goes. But there’s plenty of other runners who need to plan their race calendars well in advance. This means not only can they plan their other races around the August 19, 2018 date they can mentally prepare themselves (their family, friends and support crew) for the race as well.
  2. Somethings can’t be left until the last minute. Like flights and accommodation. An event such as the 7 Sunshine Coast Marathon is held in winter, the weather is spectacular and it’s a popular destination race for our friends from the southern states such as Victoria and Tasmania. Not only are there more than 8000 runners the number of interstate and international runners is rising each year (record numbers attended in 2017). This means accommodation is tight and flights only get more expensive.
  3. Who doesn’t love to save money? This is the CHEAPEST the event will ever be. Plus our super early birds often love to brag about being among the first to enter. Runners, always so competitive aren’t they?

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