SCM Training Guides 2021

Whether you’re a new or experienced runner, with the help of Atlas Multisports qualified coaches, we’ve put together training guides to help get you in shape for the Channel 7 Marathon (42.2km),  the  McDonald’s Half Marathon (21.1km) or the Westpac 10km on August 15, 2021.

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Marathon – The beginner, intermediate and advanced 16-week marathon guides are based on time, rather than distance, with a guide on how to get the most out of the training, what to expect and how to approach each session regardless of whether you’re running with a group or on your own.

McDonald’s Half Marathon (Australian Half Marathon Championships) Whether you’re aiming for a personal best or are stepping up to complete your first half marathon Atlas Multisports has a guide written specifically for this event to help runners reach the start line ready to tackle 21.1km. The beginner, intermediate and advanced guides are 12 weeks in length and based on time, rather than distance.

We recommend reading the first page of each guide, which explains the terms used for training sessions and will help you get the best out of each session – how fast to run, purpose and what running terminology means.

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